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November 27, 2013
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MM: Riemi Irohara by Xisuu MM: Riemi Irohara by Xisuu

Edit: I got in!! :iconkira-neplz: Thanks to everyone that helped me improve and everything!!!

:new: Fixed Weapon Description

:new: Fixed History

:new: Elaborated Character traits

:new: Added some extra trivia


Full Name: Riemi Irohara ((伊呂原 理恵美))

Age: 15

Height: 4’10” (147 cm)

Weight: 105 lbs (47.6 kg)

Gender: Female

Year Level: Year One, Transfer Student

Weapon: Sliding Knives ((…))

She acquired these knives through a bet with her father that one day if she’d ever beat him at chess, he would give her something in return. These knives had previously belonged to her grandfather who bought these custom made knives during a trip to America and had eventually bequeathed them to her father. She carries them around with her due to her pride in them, as they were proof of her defeating her father for the first time ever. The blades are retractable into the hilt, and can spring out for use at the press of a button, though they have safety locks, so they won’t spring out in her bag or pockets. Her father later taught her how to use knives during a camping trip up in the mountains. Her father knows she carries them around with her, but trusts her to not misuse them, as he sees her as a mature and responsible young lady.

Arcana: Chariot

Arcana Rank: Rank 1

Suit: Swords

Nationality: Japanese


    - Detectives and Superheroes: She’s always in awe of them and as a child, if she couldn’t take over the family company, she’d become a superhero detective and solve crime and save innocent people. Once she even put on a superhero suit and went out to fight evil. Though she didn’t make it very far, as her mother caught her and grounded her for a week.

    - Playing Dress-up: She loves frilly dresses, but also finds it amusing to dress up as other people and to pretend to be them; however she also views it as childish, so she only does so in the comfort of her own room.

    - Chess: One of her most favorite pastimes, she’s now the best chess player in her family after she beat her father. Her skills in chess are one of the few skills that she really takes pride in.

    - Her father: He’s her role model and the person she’s looked up to ever since she was a kid. Even after the incident she still holds him in high regard and is constantly worried about his current well-being.

    - Sweets: For Riemi, the time for sweets is anytime and anywhere. She especially loves the cakes that her mother would bake her for special occasions. Her favorite flavors are chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. She also loves cream puffs.

    - Reading: Especially mystery novels and novels about daring heroes. She usually reads at night before she goes to bed.

    - Merry-go-rounds: They bring back nostalgic memories of childhood, as she liked to ride them with her parents when she was younger. She also thinks they’re cute and the essence of innocence. Even now whenever she sees one she gets the urge to ride it.


    - Her cousin, Ryuuho: She views him as a stuck-up know-it-all jerk and absolutely hates how he looks down on her and her father just because they aren’t the ones that truly own the Irohara shipping company. She can’t see how a boy that’s only a year or two older than her can be so spiteful.

    - Her frail body: She’s not very fit, and has really low endurance. Though she can sprint, she hates the fact that she can’t run for more than a few seconds or so. Whenever she goes out with her parents, she’s always the slowest at walking, and she dislikes that they always have to wait for her.

    - Not being taken seriously: Because she looks younger than her age, many people belittle her and seem to underestimate her abilities. She really dislikes it when people call her a kid or a child.

    - Her uncle: Though her uncle is all smiles on the outside, she knows that in reality he couldn’t care less about others. She dislikes him as he doesn’t stop her cousin from picking on her, and was the one who crushed her father’s dreams of owning the company.

    - Spicy Food: The spice hurts her mouth and she can’t even stand the mildest of spicy food.

    - Bridges: As a kid, her cousin and her were arguing when the argument between them turned to all out fighting. Then, Ryuuho accidentally pushed Riemi so hard that she tripped and fell over the edge of the bridge they were on. Though she sustained only a bruise or two from falling into a river under the bridge, she is now nervous around bridges.

    - Sewing: She tried to sew like her mother, but ended up stabbing her fingers with the needle too much and in the end when she finished the handkerchief she had worked so hard on, it looked like crap to her. So in the end she gave it up all together saying that she didn’t need to learn that sort of stuff anyhow.


    - Dutiful: Riemi is the type of person that feels compelled to do the right thing and be an upstanding citizen. She values morals, family, hard work, and honor.

    - Peppy: She’s a naturally happy person and is easily excitable. She’s rarely sad, but when she is, she rebounds quickly afterwards and can easily return to her smiling energetic self.

    - Observant: She’s very aware of other’s emotional states and tries to be considerate to others. However, she might feign ignorance sometimes as a means of minding her own business. She’s also quite good at finding things and notices more details in her surroundings than the average person.

    - Bold: She’s not afraid of taking risks and will do so to help and protect her family and friends.

    - Cynical: Though she tries to believe in the natural goodness in most people’s hearts, she also knows how selfish people can be, so though she is friendly to most people, she rarely completely trusts someone.


    - Good Bluffer: When she tries she can hide the majority of her feelings under a smile. She uses this whenever she plays cards or chess to her advantage, as it’s hard for others to find her tell. She also uses it as a way for others to not worry about her, because who would be worried about someone who smiles?

    - Hard Working: When she has something she wants to work on improving, she’ll do whatever it takes to reach her goal. She believes in the sayings, “No pain, no gain.” And “Nothing lost, nothing gained.”

    - Reliable: She’s not the kind of person that will go against her word, unless there’s no way around it. Whenever someone asks her to do something and she agrees, she will do her best to see that it gets done.

    - Sociable: Though she might be a bit self-conscious when first meeting someone, she usually warms up to people quickly and enjoys talking with others.

    - Singing: She likes to sing in the shower a lot, though is a bit bashful about singing in public. She learned some of her vocal skills from her mother. Although Riemi doesn’t think that her singing is all that great, her mother sees some potential in her daughter’s voice.


    - Easily Distracted: She can’t concentrate well in noisy areas, so it makes it hard for her to study or work on homework when there are others around. She also can’t multitask that well, and it is very inefficient for her.

    - Oversensitive: She takes criticism personally and gets hurt easily when others criticize her. Though she doesn’t show it on the outside.

    - Lactose Intolerant: She’s not extremely lactose intolerant, but if she drinks or eats too many dairy products, she’ll get a bad stomachache. For her straight milk is worse than other forms of dairy products.

    - Not physically fit: She didn’t get out that often before she moved to Kirimori City, as she didn’t have much time outside of school and schoolwork to exercise. In P.E. she was the one with the longest run time. She also lacks good endurance and is a slow walker.

    - Swears when under stress: A bad habit she got from her mother who has a short fuse and would curse out anyone that annoyed her. Though Riemi dislikes this habit of her’s, she can’t help it sometimes.


        Riemi grew up in the city and went to a private school as a child. Her father worked at their family’s company, while her mother was a lounge singer. Though both were busy with work, they always had time for their daughter and cared greatly for her.

    As a child, Riemi was a shy and quiet girl, often preferring to go off on her own rather than having to deal with her classmates. Even then, she made a few friends who broke through her shell and helped her become more outgoing. However, her happy life changed one day when her father was caught in a plot to slander his older brother, the head of the family. Disgraced, Riemi’s father decided to transfer to the Kirimori City branch of their family’s company. Shocked, Riemi felt indignant and confronted her father, begging him to tell her that it wasn’t true. But her father couldn’t deny the truth and told her that he had failed as a role model for his daughter. Disappointed in her father, she decided to become more independent and enrolled in Higashimori Highschool to better herself to be someone both her family and herself could hold pride in.


    - Riemi gets her swearing habits from her mother.

    - Riemi was born into a branch family of the reputable Irohara family, known for their acts of charity.

    - The Irohara family owns a well-known shipping company known for their fast deliveries and security.

    - Riemi took much pride in her family's business success and, even at an early age, her dream was to take over the family business. Even though she never could.

    - After her dreams of taking over the family business was crushed, she thought about becoming a singer like her mother, but is currently lost in what occupation she would like to pursue.

    - Riemi’s pride stems from her father’s position as executive director of the company.

    - She’s only ever lived in large apartments.

    - Her family bought a house in Minamimori, but she lives in the dorms.

    - Her mother doesn’t get along with her in-laws at all.

    - Her birthday is June 24th

    - She keeps a notebook that has info on all the sweets shops she frequents and tries everything on the menu, marking what's good and what's not so good, before moving on to a new shop. Back where she used to live, she'd already been to every single sweets shop in the whole city. :new: 

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